About Us

Maroondah BUG (Bicycle User Group) is a local community group that encourages cycling in and around the City of Maroondah, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We like bikes, and we want others to as well.

BUGs aim to promote the bicycle as a legitimate and healthy form of transport, to make cycling as pleasurable and as safe as possible and to encourage more people to ride bikes. To find out more about BUGs visit Bicycle Victoria's web site and enter BUG in the search field at the top of the page.

Maroondah BUG is currently an advocacy and advisory group only. If you are looking for a group to go riding with -sorry- we don't currently run organised rides but you may find what you need on our Clubs page. We may run occasional survey rides to check out local cycling facilities and at some stage I hope we will organise rides to promote the Maroondah bicycle network. Regardless, if you are a local or aspiring Maroondah cyclist we hope you find information of interest on this web site.


Some examples of things we might work on, depending on the level of interest:

  • identify safety issues and report these to the relevant authority
  • give feedback on plans for bike paths that will accompany new developments, for example freeways or new housing estates
  • encourage cycling to schools and workplaces, even if only on designated days
  • propose bicycle parking rails in shopping areas
  • assist/report progress on implementation of the Maroondah Bicycle Strategy
  • survey local cyclists for their input
  • estimate usage of bike paths etc
  • assist or advise on a specific engineering work


...or whatever your idea may be!