80m Bicycle Lane Update

80m Bicycle LaneRemember the 80 metre-long bicycle lane installed on Warrandyte Rd back in November 2015? We heard nothing but the sound of silence from Eastland or VicRoads, despite numerous attempts to request either a re-design or removal of the treacherous bike lane.

Even after it made the Maroondah Leader, we were unable to get anything more than form replies from VicRoads or Eastland.

We've got good news.

Greens MP Samantha Dunn, MLC for Eastern Metropolitan Region recently posed a constituent question to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 12:45pm
Speaker: Samantha Dunn
Ms DUNN (Eastern Metropolitan) — My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I have been contacted by a member of my community concerned about the safety and practicality of an 80-metre bike lane on Warrandyte Road in Ringwood adjacent to the Eastland shopping centre off Maroondah Highway. As a local cyclist, my constituent's major concerns are that, firstly, the newly installed 80-metre bike lane is impractical, given cyclists can and must only use it for a few seconds and then have to re-enter traffic. Given the position of the bike lane, this presents an increased safety risk to cyclists. Secondly, the lane does not link with any other bike lanes in the area either, at 80 metres. My question is: will the minister expedite the VicRoads assessment of the bicycle lane as it is currently a safety hazard for cyclists who are brave enough to use this lane?

Today, we are pleased to see that the "Bicycle Lane" signs and bicycle stencils on the road have been removed. The bicycle lane is no longer - and cyclists are free to ride in the main flow of traffic without worrying about veering and merging whilst contending with left hooks and traffic exiting the car park!

We'd like to thank Samantha Dunn for her followup on the matter and achieving an outcome for cyclists in the community.

If and when a re-design of Warrandyte Rd takes place, the BUG would fully support the installation of safe, continuous bicycle lanes from the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail up to the Station St intersection to connect with the Maroondah Hwy lanes and the Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail shared path.

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