Bayswater – Lilydale Trail November 2016 Update


During recent travels, we noted the progress of works on the Bayswater - Lilydale link as part of the Carrum - Warburton Trail network.

Whilst this section of the trail between Yvonne Ave and Oak Lane, Croydon South is officially classified as part of the long-standing Taralla Creek Trail, it was an incredibly dangerous section. With a narrow, tight, blind corner that was poorly lit, there was a lot of conflict between cyclists and pedestrians on this section. 

The Maroondah BUG is please to see that this dangerous corner will be improved by re-aligning the path, widening it, and physically separating the travel directions. This will significantly improve safety and amenity of the trail.

Whilst we had concerns with the provision of a shared path immediately in front of driveways, the path is sufficiently wide enough and set back from driveways to improve visibility for both residents and users of the path. 

Overall, this is a significant improvement for trail users compared to the previous arrangement where cyclists were forced to ride through a rough gravel service lane.

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