BUG Questions 80m-long Bicycle Lane

IMG_3520There's bicycle infrastructure, and then there's "bicycle infrastructure".

This one takes the cake for fitting into the latter category.

It would appear as though that Eastland and VicRoads traffic engineers have managed to come up with a "bicycle lane" just some 80 metres in length (if that) on Warrandyte Rd northbound. This "lane" does not connect to the bicycle lanes installed on Maroondah Hwy, and it ceases just as soon as it starts.

The lane is dangerous, as it requires cyclists to veer out of the main flow of traffic, then almost immediately merge back into the flow of traffic again. Cyclists using this lane must contend with vehicles wishing to make a left turn into the Eastland car park potentially creating a left hook hazard, plus vehicles turning out of the car park, and negotiating merging back into the flow of traffic. This bike lane makes cycling more hazardous and less safe than if there were no bicycle lane at all!

The BUG contacted Eastland Centre Management for comment and were told

The bike indicator lane is specified by Vic Roads and therefore we need to comply with their regulations. Unfortunately, the bike indicators couldn’t continue down Warrandyte road as there isn’t enough width in the road to do so.

So, there's no plans to join the lanes on Maroondah Hwy to Warrandyte Rd, and there's no plans to join this lane to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail further north on Warrandyte Rd.

What, exactly, is the point of this lane, then?!

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