Lincoln Rd Upgrade

Council received Roads to Recovery funding to conduct upgrade and improvement works along the eastern length of Lincoln Rd, Croydon and have recently released draft designs on their website.

The BUG is pleased to see the provision of continuous, 1.2m to 1.5m wide bicycle lanes from west to east, with no "gaps" or missing sections. The effort to reduce the number of necessary vehicle crossovers and formalise the existing ones is appreciated, as this reduces the chances of cyclists being "left hooked". Additionally, formalising and sealing existing crossovers reduces migration of gravel onto the main carriageway which presently presents danger to cyclists.

We note the provision of widened bicycle lanes at some side road intersections, allowing traffic continuing straight ahead to pass traffic waiting to turn right, reducing queueing without installing several new traffic signals. The provision of green paint markings along these sections alert motorists to the presence of bicycles, and clearly mark a preferred travel line for cyclists to take to ensure their safety when riding these sections.

We're pleased to see provision of a connection when travelling eats to west to join the existing off-road shared path in the western section of Lincoln Rd, and hope to see Council release plans to integrate the two together. We call on council to announce its plans to integrate these pieces of cycling infrastructure to create a safe, continuous cycling route from Croydon to Mooroolbark.

More information can be found on council's website here.

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