Do You Cycle in the Eastern Suburbs?

If you’re a regular cyclist you’re probably used to dealing with angry drivers, unsafe roads, and bike lanes that just disappear for no reason.

Riding a bike shouldn’t be this hard. The Victorian Greens are conducting a survey to help make it easier for people to cycle in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Click here to take part and share your thoughts!

Samantha Dunn, Greens Member for the Eastern Metropolitan region, would like to hear what you think are the biggest barriers holding cyclists back in the East and what can be done to fix it.

With your input, the Victorian Greens can make sure our strategy to improve cycling in the East addresses those problems most affecting you when you ride.

If you don't ride in the East but have a concern you’d like raised in Parliament about improving cycling in Victoria, please feel free to email Samantha Dunn at

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