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The City of Maroondah is home to some 52km of cycling infrastructure, and is progressively growing.

Recent major projects include 4km of new bicycle lanes installed on Colchester Rd, and works continue on the Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Trail as part of the Ringwood Station and Bus Interchange Upgrade as well as from several Level Crossing Removal projects.

Whilst some sections may only be a few hundred metres long at this time, they form the beginnings of a high quality, connected bicycle network in Maroondah. The Maroondah BUG will ensure that as each new infrastructure project comes up in Maroondah that the needs of cyclists are properly considered.

Parks and Paths Map

Council maintains and publishes a high quality map of parks, shared paths, and on-road bicycle lanes in Maroondah. The detailed map can be found on Council's website.


Type of Path Length
Off-Road Shared Path 38.8km
On-Road Bicycle Lanes 14km
Total 52.8km

Off-Road Shared Paths

Name Length Comment (click photo to enlarge)
Dandenong Creek Trail 8.5km (49km Kilsyth to Carrum)

Linking Kilsyth all the way to Carrum, the Dandenong Creek Trail formally begins at Colchester Rd, with access from the on-road bike lanes from Kilsyth or shared path from The Basin. A recently re-sealed asphalt surface carries you along the Dandenong Creek past the Ringwood-Belgrave Rail Trail turnoff, Taralla Creek Trail turnoff, HE Parker Reserve, and on to the shared EastLink/Dandenong Creek Trail.

Flat, easy and picturesque riding. One of the most popular trails in Maroondah and for good reason!

Beware of flooding after rain at the road underpasses. 

Dandenong Creek 
Mullum Mullum Creek Trail 6.0km

Beginning in the north-east at the end of a cul-de-sac in Croydon, the trail meanders along the scenic Mullum Mullum Creek, with a mix of concrete, compacted gravel, and asphalt surfaces before joining the northern end of the shared EastLink/Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. 

Flat and easy riding from Croydon to Ringwood, undulating to Quarry Rd. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Mullum Mullum Valley. 

Easy connection to Eastland Shopping Centre with bicycle parking available by turning off before the Ringwood St underpass. 

Manningham Council are currently constructing a continuation of the trail to bridge the gap between Quarry Rd and Park Rd, Park Orchards. 

 Mullum Creek
Taralla Creek Trail 5.0km

Beginning in the Croydon Town Park and accessible from the Hewish Rd on-road lanes or from Croydon Station, the Taralla Creek Trail follows the "Croydon Main Drain" south along a recently widened and improved asphalt path. 

Signalised road crossing at Canterbury Rd and on-road section to connect to the Dandenong Creek Trail in the south.

Beware of the Bayswater Rd crossing. From Croydon, carefully navigate the blind corner, follow the footpath along Bayswater Rd, cross at the pedestrian lights, turn down Oak Lane and go over the narrow footbridge before continuing south. The new Bayswater-Lilydale section of the Carrum-Warburton Trail will improve this section of trail. 

 Tarralla Crk
Dorset Recreation Reserve 4.4km

Gravel path skirting Melbourne Water retaining basin and golf course in a circuit.

Great place for the kids to practice their cycling with just one road crossing - the entrance to the golf course.

Dorset Rec Rsv

Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail

Signposted as "Heathmont Rail Trail"

2.8km (19.2km Ringwood to Belgrave)

From Ringwood Station, continue from the Box Hill - Ringwood Rail Trail shared path and join Bedford Rd on-road lanes. Turn right onto Lena Grove immediately after Ringwood Secondary pedestrian lights, ending in a cul-de-sac and becoming a shared path adjacent to the railway. Follow past Heathmont station, walk your bike across the narrow Canterbury Rd pedestrian bridge. Cross at Heathmont Rd and follow the path into HE Parker Reserve. Trail terminates at the HE Parker car park. Follow the car park driveway to the bridge to join the Dandenong Creek Trail. 

Asphalt path in poor condition though slated for resealing in the near future. 

Undulating path, with a long but fair gradient from Canterbury Rd to HE Parker Reserve.

Beware the right turn into Lena Grove if coming from Ringwood. Path is cracked and rough along entire length, especially Canterbury Rd to HE Parker Reserve. Watch out for cars through the car park. 

Heathmont Railway
Brushy Creek Trail 2.5km

Beginning at the corner of Manchester Rd/Sherlock Rd at the level crossing, turn west behind the shops and follow the asphalt path along Brusky Creek to Diane Cres. Cross and turn west, then immediately turn north onto the gravel path through Barngeong Reserve. Continue north-west to Bellara Dr, and follow the recently constructed concrete path to Maroondah Hwy. Peaceful, tranquil and easy riding. 

From here, you can continue riding all the way to Bunnings Chirnside Park with a shared path completed by Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Beware that the trail ends abruptly at Bunnings, before resuming at Kimberley Drive in Chirnside Park town centre. You may consider riding in the road shoulder along Maroondah Hwy. We hope that Yarra Ranges council will connect this missing section ASAP!

Brushy Crk
EastLink Trail 2.4km (28km Park Orchards to Carrum)

The EastLink Trail connects to the Koonung Creek Trail in the north, the Mullum Mullum Creek trail in the north-east, and to the Dandenong Creek Trail in the south through Maroondah on a wide concrete path.

Undulating, scenic through the northern section but not particularly interesting in the southern section as it runs alongside the motorway. 

Ringwood Lake 2.0km

Network of asphalt paths in excellent condition. Access from Mullum Mullum Creek Trail via Larissa Ave across Maroondah Hwy.

Beautiful place for a picnic with friends and family.

Beware of pedestrians, it can be very busy - please ride cautiously.

 Ringwood Lake
Plymouth Road 1.5km

Asphalt shared path along Plymouth Rd begins at the Kalinda Rd roundabout, though access from the roundabout is treacherous at best. Abruptly ends at Yarra Rd. 

Convenient access to McAdam Square shopping centre and back street access to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail.

Beware the path is in below-average condition with debris, tree roots, potholes, etc. The path is fairly narrow and not safe to ride above 25km/h, especially as it passes Luther College. If you're going downhill, you're probably better off on the perfectly smooth asphalt of Plymouth Rd itself instead. 

Plymouth Rd
Croydon Road 1.2km

Asphalt "bike-only" path in terrible condition. 

Beware this asphalt path is in terrible condition. We don't recommend riding it unless you like dodging debris, hazards, and tree roots. We're hoping Council improve this path ASAP!

Croydon Rd
Mt Dandenong Road (East) 1.0km

Narrow asphalt "bike-only" path in poor condition. 

We're actually unsure why this path exists at all, really. It doesn't connect to the on-road lanes in the west, nor does it connect to the Taralla Creek Trail or Croydon Town Centre further east. 

Beware the poor condition, rough asphalt surface, vehicles parked on the trail, and numerous road and driveway crossings. 

Mt Dandenong Rd E
Lincoln Road 0.7km

Not very obvious, but a pleasant concrete path in reasonable condition.

Entirely disconnected from any other cycling facilities. Usefulness should be improved as part of Council's upgrade to the eastern end of Lincoln Rd

Lincoln Rd
Colchester Road 4.0km

Recently completed on-road lanes from Mt Dandenong Rd in the north to Canterbury Rd in the south. Brief gap before the lanes resume again. Connects to the Dandenong Creek Trail, and a shared path adjacent to Colchester Rd to The Basin. 

Generally excellent condition and reasonably wide lanes. Not particularly interesting. Gently undulating. 

Dorset Road 2.8km

Begins at Mt Dandenong Rd in the north and ending at the Dandenong Creek Trail in the south, these lanes connect Croydon through to Bayswater North. 

Oddly the lanes end at Mt Dandenong Rd, with a 200m gap to the on-road lanes at Hewish Rd. We'd like to see VicRoads and Counil redesign this space to remove the rapid merging of 3 traffic lanes into 1, and provide space for cycling instead. 

Mt Dandenong Road (West) 1.8km

Beginning at Ringwood Lake in the west, these lanes travel past Ringwood's health precinct.

Travelling to Ringwood, between Daisy's Garden Supplies and the Daiseys Hotel is a driveway to access Ringwood Lake. 


The lanes end abruptly at Valda Ave. We hope that Mt Dandenong Rd is widened in future to create space to extend the lanes through to Croydon Town Centre and create a safe, practical cycle route from Ringwood to Croydon. 

Beware of the door zone! The lanes are quite wide, don't hug the parked cars - ride at least 1.5m from car doors at all times. 

Mt Dandenong Rd W Start
Heatherdale Rd 2.6km On-road bike lane from Centre Rd to Molan St on both east and west sides. Take care at the traffic lights at Canterbury Rd - they can change back to red before you have had time to cross the intersection. Heatherdale Rd